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Marcia standing next to posterCPAC-LookingAtGold-15-10-2022-054.jpg

I am inspired by Caribbean Indigenous culture and its historical impact on modern design and heritage. The jewellery and objects are created based on visual and metaphorical concepts derived from 15th-century Taino artefacts.


Giving visibility to Caribbean art, my projects aim to refocus Caribbean visual identity on its Pre-Columbian history and beyond. By accessing ancient Caribbean museum collections,

I can document their presence at close range and any markings or nuances surrounding the rare works. For example, I reinterpret these concepts through hand engraving on multiple surfaces creating a texture that articulates a maker's sensibility. I also use multimedia techniques to create a visual bridge between the past and the present. My goal is to create a platform to build conversation and understanding of Caribbean art and identity.

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